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Saturday 17 December, 2022

Well, that was interesting. I listened to a ‘clever person’ on the radio going on about how the government intends to fund wellbeing rather than an NHS that merely picks up the pieces after society fails to maintain the health of citizens.

No more throwing money at the NHS. It is broken. It is no longer fit for purpose.

That ‘clever person’ went on and on about how they feel it is more worthwhile to spending money of better lighting in parks, better public security, better means of non-vehicular transport, and generally better support more active lifestyles. The alternative is to accept a top-heavy NHS that sucks wealth from the UK as it deals with an aging population afflicted by a growing reluctance to engage in anything more arduous than operating the controls of a car.

Fine words. Spoken by a ‘clever person’. A ‘clever person’ who seems happy to allow local authorities to grant building and planning consent to huge companies who build environmentally damaging developments, as long as they promise to build infrastructure as part of their massive industrial monoliths.

Except, there are never any footpaths or cycle lanes leading to those blots on the landscape.

Perhaps ‘clever person’ in this instance should read: run-of-the-mill-lying-politician?


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